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Vriendschap en moed

Januari | Granaat

The first month of the year has a deep red garnet color as its birthstone. The garnet is known as the gemstone for a successful career. The stone dissolves blockages and gives you self-confidence. The stone also offers protection and is often used during meditations.

Vrede en spiritualiteit

Februari | Amethist

Anyone whose birthday is in February can wear a ring with an Amethyst as a stone. This purple stone is a symbol of wisdom and spirituality. It helps you gain a deeper understanding of what is important to you. In addition, the ring has a protective and purifying effect.


Hoop en veiligheid

Maart | Aquamarijn

The gem of the month of March is the Aquamarine. The colorful stone is reminiscent of the sea and is known for its lively appearance. The ring is the symbol of love, hope and security. Whoever wears the ring will experience inner peace.

Balans en vitaliseren

April | Bergkristal

Rock crystal is the birthstone of the month of April. Rock crystal is seen as the king of gems because of its powerful effect. It ensures that other energies are amplified.

The power of the stone helps you to stay in balance. The rock crystal also has a healing effect.

Positiviteit en wijsheid

Mei | Smaragd

The birth ring is intended for anyone with their birthday in the month of May. The ring has a green emerald, which is considered a sacred stone. Wearing the stone can provide wisdom and patience. With the powers of the stone your chance of love is enhanced.


Versterkt innerlijk gevoel

Juni | Maansteen

The moonstone is the birthstone of the month of June and is a powerful stone. Through the ages it has been used to connect to the energetic power of the moon. The stone helps you to trust your feelings and to develop yourself further.

Liefde en passie

Juli | Robijn

The month of July has the red Ruby as its birthstone. Ruby is the symbol for love and passion. The stone gives you strength and energy and helps you to adopt a positive attitude. Whoever wears this stone is encouraged to be strong in life and to pursue their own happiness.


Zelfvertrouwen en kracht

Augustus | Peridot

The birthstone associated with the month of August is Peridot. The green gemstone has a positive power and helps you to increase your self-confidence. The stone stands for growth and personal development. In addition, it can help overcome your fears and offer protection.

Kracht en wijsheid

September | Saffier

September is the month with Sapphire as a matching birthstone. The person wearing the ring will notice that the stone has a calming effect. The gemstone symbolizes strength and wisdom and helps to promote self-discipline. In addition, the stone has a healing effect and is good for mental health.

Compassie en liefdevol

Oktober | Roze Toermalijn

Those who have their birthday in October have the beautiful Pink Tourmaline as their birthstone. By wearing Pink Tourmaline you can attract love. The gemstones symbolize hope, love and loyalty. The effect of the stone stimulates appreciation for the small things in life.

Energie en concentratie

November | Citrien

November is the month of Citrine. Citrine is a warm, sunny stone that energizes the wearer. The power of the stone can also help you concentrate better. The gemstone symbolizes joie de vivre, so if you are not feeling well, your stone can make you feel better mentally.

Ontspanning en wijsheid

December | Tanzaniet

The last month of the year has the blue Tanzanite as a birthstone. Tanzanite is known for its spiritual effect. It helps protect yourself from negative energy. The ring encourages self-acceptance and helps you to listen wisely to yourself. Wear the ring and experience the relaxing effect that Tanzanite can have.


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